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Mini Golf: 99 HolesSwing and hit the ball through the levels in this fun isometric golfing game that has a lot of fun items inside levels like power-ups, slopes, hills and a fan... Try and score some hole in ones!

The game is controlled with the mouse.
Putt Putt Penguin!Putt Putt Penguin!
Putt Putt Penguin is one of many multiplayer games from OMGPOP. Enjoy the golf action by yourself or play against someone else.
Money GolfMoney Golf
A mini golf game, use your golf ball to collect points in all levels.
The big hairy elephant that taught Tiger Woods how to play golf returns in the craziest minigolf game ever. You know the rules, just put the ba...
Panda Golf 2Panda Golf 2
A side scrolling golf game without a panda. Lots of levels to play.
Pokah JongCollidoPlasma Reaxion 2Max ConnectZombie BitesFeed Mr. PetersonOddro
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